Iruxol ointment 30 gr.

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Brand Name: IRUXOL (IRUXOL®)

Latin name of the drug Iruxol: Iruxol®

Dosage form: ointment for external use

Composition: collagenase and chloramphenicol



Iruxol ointment is intended for the treatment of the most diverse and complex types of wounds.

It is used very effectively for the healing of scars and sutures that have appeared on the human body due to surgery, slowly healing or not healing at all wounds of varying complexity.

Treatment of diabetic foot wounds, as well as various types of gangrene.

2 comments on “Iruxol ointment 30 gr.

  1. Elena S. says:

    My husband is diabetic and any wounds are healing with great difficulty. He burned his heel after an unsuccessful incident during barbecue. The skin was charred beyond recognition. Doctors completely threatened with gangrene and irreversible consequences. Friends from Germany advised Iruxol ointment, we used it strictly for its intended purpose for two weeks. I wanted to go to those doctors who were upset with their predictions and show how wrong they were: the burn healed, the skin on the heel became tight again and my husband is walking without pain.

  2. Kate says:

    My mother-in-law suffered burns of the 2nd and 3rd degree after radiation therapy. First I’ve put a napkin with saline on her wound, then carefully removed all the separated fragments and only after that I applied Iruxol. We got rid of the effects of the burn in 10 days, although the body was weakened with such a disease and active treatment. Ointment really works like a miracle.

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