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Question: Why is Iruxol ointment so popular in the world for treating wounds?
Answer: The fact is that this ointment has a unique composition and has the most effective effect on the process of cleaning the wound from purulent and necrotic masses and the subsequent healing of the wound. In addition, this drug has been known for a long time (about 20 years) in Russia, Europe, the USA and most surgeons and their patients have long been convinced that Iruxol has no equal in effectiveness in some cases.

Question: What is this substance and what are its features?
Answer: The main component of this ointment is COLLAGENASE. Collagenase is an enzyme (in more detail you can familiarize yourself with the action of COLLAGENASE on the “About the drug” page) that actively affects necrotic (dead) tissues, purulent masses and other components of the wound process, actually separating and pushing them out, thereby cleaning wound and stimulating the process of natural restoration, regeneration, granulation and epithelization of tissues. At the same time, collagenase enzymes do not have a negative effect on healthy tissues, do not destroy them, but rather stimulate recovery.

Question: Very often in the focus of the wound process there is an infectious process that does not allow you to quickly and efficiently clean the wound and start recovery processes. How does Iruxol cope with infection in the wound site?
Answer: Indeed, very often, especially when the wound is old and running (without proper care and frequent dressings) the wound process itself is accompanied by the presence of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria that destroy the wound more intensively, preventing it from healing. Iruxol ointment also includes a broad-spectrum antibiotic – CHLORAMPHENICOL, which effectively destroys the above bacteria and eliminates the infectious process. In fact, the antibiotic CHLORAMPHENICOL and the COLLAGENASE enzyme are the “miracle mixture” that allows treatment to be carried out as efficiently and quickly as possible until complete healing.

Question: Are there any contraindications when using Iruxol ointment?
Answer: Iruxol does not have many contraindications, but they are like almost any drug. This is pregnancy and lactation (lactation). Also, a history of blood diseases can be a contraindication.

Question: And what are the side effects of Iruxol?
Answer: Of the side effects, individual intolerance to chloramphenicol (with topical application) can be noted, manifested in the form of itching, tingling, and a slight burning sensation at the wound site after application of the drug, but usually a similar reaction disappears after two to three days and does not require drug withdrawal.

Question: What can be done to expedite the treatment with Iruxol?
Answer: No specific actions need to be performed. Moreover, it is important to know that Iruxol cannot be used simultaneously with other local drugs, since they can both weaken and completely reduce the effect of collagenase to zero. A remedy that is not just possible, but must be used in the treatment of Iruxol, is saline solution (sodium chloride solution).

Question: Can hydrogen peroxide be used to wash a wound?
Answer: Hydrogen peroxide is not recommended for several reasons. Firstly, hydrogen peroxide destroys the effect of collagenase and the effectiveness of Iruxol will be significantly reduced if the ointment is applied to a wound that is washed with hydrogen peroxide. In extreme cases, if hydrogen peroxide was still used on the wound, then the wound must be washed with saline. And secondly, hydrogen peroxide has a very negative effect on healthy tissues, destroying them. It is recommended to replace hydrogen peroxide with another antiseptic, such as chlorhexidine, but, again, after applying it, it will be necessary to wash the wound with saline. After all, by and large, an antiseptic is needed to fight the infection on the spot, and Iruxol himself perfectly copes with this function.

Question: Why use saline in the treatment of Iruxol?
Answer: Collagenase has this feature – to act more actively in a humid environment. And an ideal moist environment is a moistened wound with a sterile salt solution (0.9% sodium chloride solution). The cost of saline in the pharmacy network is negligible. Also, the use of saline with Iruxol is recommended by the manufacturer of the ointment.

Question: How and when to use saline solution when using Iruxol? At the beginning of treatment, there are a lot of scabs (crusts) on the wound that are very painful and cannot be painlessly separated from the wound, what about in this case?
Answer: Saline solution is applied every time before applying Iruxol ointment. In the event that the wound is wet, i.e. a lot of pus is secreted from it, then it should be washed with saline and Iruxol applied to a wet wound, rinse the wound after each dressing if the wound fester. Abundant discharge of pus and necrotic masses is most often observed at the first stage of treatment of purulent wounds, during the treatment process pus will become smaller and the wound will become cleaner. When the wound is dry and with crusts, then you can make a compress in the form of a gauze application (folded six to eight gauze) times and abundantly saturated with saline. Such a compress is left on the wound for 30 minutes, after which the softened peels should separate painlessly. If it is not possible to separate the crusts the first time, then dressing is done in Iruxol and before the next dressing the procedure with compress is repeated again.

Question: How much Iruxol ointment is needed for treatment?
Answer: This question cannot be answered for several reasons. The duration of treatment is influenced by many factors, the main of which are: the size and type of the wound, the presence or absence of vascular pathologies in the patient (with poor circulation, the wounds heal longer), the presence or absence of diabetes in the patient (with diabetes the wounds heal longer), places wounds and other factors. Consult with your doctor, he may be able to orientate you according to the duration of treatment for your particular case and tell you how much ointment you need for the entire treatment. The ointment is applied to the wound with a thickness of 1-2 mm.

Question: Should Iruxol ointment be used for the entire duration of treatment? Is it possible to reduce the cost of treatment a little?
Answer: When the wound has already been cleaned, the infection process is excluded and you see that the healing process is continuously positive, in order to reduce the cost of treatment, you can resort to simpler external healing agents, but again, after consulting a doctor who will prescribe the appropriate one for your case medicine, and with constant monitoring, so that the resulting positive result is not lost and did not have to start treatment again.

Question: There are such drugs as Iruxol (Iruxol), Iruxol N (Iruxol N), Iruxol MONO, Iruxol NEO. All of them are proteolytic properties. And how do they differ?
Answer: All of the above drugs are produced by one manufacturer, the company is Smith & Nephew. It so happened that all these drugs are not represented in all EU countries at the same time, some drug is in Germany, some in Italy, some in Ireland, etc., and the names of the drugs are different for different countries, and the composition is the same, produced by one manufacturer in the same factory .. Now about each ointment in order:
Iruxol – the most famous, popular and effective drug for the treatment of the most complex wounds in Europe and the world. Iruxol contains two components: collagenase – an enzyme, chloramphenicol – an antibiotic, auxiliary enzymes. Composition (in 100 g of ointment): collagenase (clostridiopeptidase A) 60 units, chloramphenicol 1 g;
Iruxol N, Noruxol and Iruxol MONO are exactly the same drugs produced for different countries in Europe – this ointment contains only enzymes, without antibiotic. Composition (in 1 g of ointment): collagenase (clostridiopeptidase A) 1.2 IU, protease 0.24 IU
Iruxol NEO contains two components: collagenase – an enzyme, neomycin – an antibiotic. Composition (in 100 g of ointment): collagenase (clostridiopeptidase A) 60 units, chloramphenicol Neomycin 35 mg. The disadvantage of neomycin is that it is not recommended to use it for more than 14 consecutive days. Iruxol NEO cannot be used in children. With long-term treatment, the combined use of the entire group of drugs (alternation after 2-3 days) can be considered an effective scenario.

Question: Where can I buy Iruxol ointment manufactured by Pliva (Pliva) Croatia (Yugoslavia).
Answer: In 2006, the German company Knoll revoked the license for the production of Iruxol from Pliva. And since Smith & Nephew has become the owner of collagenase since 2000, Smith & Nephew has the exclusive right to manufacture Iruxol and other collagenase-based drugs.

Question: Today you can often find ointment made in Italy, is it better or worse than what Croatia used to produce?
Answer: Here the situation is a little more complicated. Iruxol is not produced in Italy, it can be produced for Italy, Ireland, Spain, etc., but it is produced exclusively in Germany (open any instructions to the ointment, for any country and you will make sure that the drug is made in Germany for such- that country). More specifically, Iruxol ointment is produced in Germany at the Nordmark Arzneimittel GmbH & Co. KG is the largest collagenase producer in the world. It will be right to say that Iruxol is produced by the UK, since the company that produces it is British. As for the quality. Modern Iruxol should be of higher quality, since in the Croatian version, chloramphinecol, which is now used, was used as an antibiotic. Due to the fact that at that time, cleaning and ultrafiltration at pharmaceutical enterprises was not of such high quality as today. Thus, we can safely assume that Iruxol today is of higher quality and more effective than it was 15-20 years ago.

Question: How and where one can buy the original ointment Iruxol?
Answer: You can buy Iruxol by calling the numbers indicated at the very top of the site. You can buy in any city of Ukraine and Russia, in Moscow and other regions. Delivery is also possible both in Ukraine and in Russia. To understand what a genuine, original Iruxol ointment looks like, visit the “Photo Gallery” section, where you can look at the packaging and the tube of Iruxol in detail.

Question: Is it possible to choose a substitute for Iruxol or even replace it with something else?
Answer: It all depends on the situation. If the wound is small and clean, the patient has good blood circulation and there is no diabetes, then it is quite possible to choose another, simpler remedy.
But if the patient has a long non-healing wound, coupled with vascular pathologies and high blood sugar, then most likely there is no alternative to Iruxol. Of course, you can try to combine different lotions, powders and ointments (it is important to combine them correctly), but if you do not have the time and money to experiment with your health or life, it is better to initially use effective drugs that correspond to the complexity of the wound process.

Question: Is the drug available only in the form of an ointment, or is it in the form of a cream or gel?
Answer: Iruxol is made only in the form of an ointment, it has no smell. Iruxol Gel or Cream is not manufactured.

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