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Composition: collagenase and chloramphenicol 

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The effectiveness of Iruxol ointment is recognized and proven by many doctors in Europe for several decades. It has a unique composition, which earned Iruxol the reputation of one of the most effective external agents (ointments) for the treatment of the most severe and complex wounds.

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This website contains the most comprehensive information about Iruxol ointment, information about the features of use, indications and contraindications to this drug.

We have collected the most basic and valuable information on the use of Iruxol for patients and doctors. Here you will also find valuable information on the use of Iruxol for various types of wounds, instructions, articles and recommendations for use.

Also, pay attention to the section “Questions and Answers. This section answers the most common questions that are asked by patients and doctors during and after the use of Iruxol ointment.

Iruxol ointment is intended for the treatment of the most diverse and complex types of wounds. Iruxol is a powerful therapeutic mean, which did not have a worthy analogue for many years. Many new drugs that positioned themselves as an analogue to Iruxol have not gained popularity in the field of treatment of complex wounds among doctors and patients.

Ointment Iruxol has such properties as:

  • proteolytic effect (intensive wound cleansing and stimulation of tissue regeneration);

  • antimicrobial action.

These two basic properties wonderfully cope with the treatment of complex wounds in humans.

The composition of this ointment includes two active components:

  • Chloramphinecol;

  • Collagenase – it is a proteolytic enzyme.

As proven by many studies, collagenase has a very important function, it destroys all necrotic tissues, thereby safely cleansing the wound at the enzymatic level. Enzyme is able to suppress the aggression of fast-moving and destructive wound processes on any wound and helps to reverse the process of tissue destruction quickly. Cleaning the wound from purulent masses begins an effective recovery.

Epithelization of collagenase does not suppress but guarantees complete healing of the wound after a scar has formed on the already completely restored human skin.

Chloramphinecol is an antibiotic that is part of Iruxol. This component is also part of this ointment. And it has huge importance for the overall high efficiency during the use of this drug.

This antibiotic is always characterized by constant activity against gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria. Bacteria are neutralized in the wound, on the surface and in the inner layers of the affected tissues.

Currently Iruxol has no analogues.

This ointment that is the most effective and powerful to treat very difficult and diverse wounds in humans.

This ointment is used for varicose and trophic ulcers, pressure sores, burns from the first to third stages with varying degrees of frostbite.

It is used very effectively for the healing of scars and sutures that have appeared on the human body due to surgery, slowly healing or not healing at all wounds of varying complexity. Treatment of diabetic foot wounds, as well as various types of gangrene.

This type of drug is prescribed to people who suffer from a disease such as diabetes. They are used for the treatment of thrombophlebitis, vasculitis, and other most diverse vascular pathologies.

Iruxol is used if a person is still waiting for surgery, for example, for tissue transplantation or skin grafting.

The original ointment Iruxol can be bought on our website at an affordable price.

It is this ointment that has earned many praises. It was developed and produced on a powerful pharmaceutical base. The pharmaceutical company that is the manufacturer of Iruxol has a powerful research and production complex, which ultimately allowed the release of a highly effective ointment for the treatment of complex and difficult to heal wounds.

It is worth noting that during the use of this ointment by a person there is no need to use other external agents at the same time.

The use of Iruxol ointment is enough to quickly and effectively heal even the most complex wound in most cases.

The manufacturer does not recommend the use of other external preparations along with Iruxol, because they can reduce the effect of the ointment.

Clinical tests and studies conducted in this area have shown that you should not neglect this advice. The use of other agents can lead to disappointing results, for example, it can inactivate the proteolytic enzyme of the ointment, which will reduce and slow down the patient’s healing process.

Before placing an order you should consult your doctor about this drug. Like any other, it has contraindications, side effects and special instructions.

It is also necessary to know that the drug has

limitations for use:

  • strong sensitivity of the body to chloramphenicol or an allergy to it;

  • history of blood diseases.

Severe side effects were not observed. Sometimes allergies, skin irritation, burning sensation and pain in the area of ​​application are possible. These phenomena are quite rare.

In the case of unpleasant sensations in the area of ​​application of the drug Iruxol, there is an optimal solution to reduce these sensations: you need to apply the zinc paste in a small layer on the edges of the wound.

There are thousands and hundreds of thousands of reviews of people over the internet. People who could not cope with complex wounds and doubted that they could at least something help in their case, doubted until they started using Iruxol.

You can easily find and read a lot of positive reviews in the open sources on the Internet about this drug. In order to properly solve health problems, heal wounds and not harm yourself, we strongly recommend that you consult your doctor before use.

BUY NOW – 59.00 USD